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To provide a premium body, nail & feet treatment range that focuses on using naturally derived ingredients that are highly effective and act as alternative options, whilst also creating a relaxing at-home treatment experience.

Plant Based Solution

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No one wants to talk about Fungus, except for those who have the discomfort and embarrassment of fungus and who desperately want to get rid of it. With research showing that a staggering 80% of the global population suffers from fungal conditions, the search for an effective remedy is mammoth. Traditionally fungal conditions are treated with toxic prescriptions and chemical based products that often have dangerous side effects, such as liver and kidney damage.

Our products aim to deliver superior results without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Citrusway contains zero toxins, chemicals, odor, oils, preservatives or parabens. Citrusway is an incredibly cost effective alternative to expensive prescription and OTC fungal treatments.

Family Owned & Operated

Through personal experiences, owning and operating a skin and nail school, researching and partnering with a scientist, Citrusway was born. Expertly formulated with a high quality blend of the finest and most effective natural ingredients, the Citrusway Body Care Range provides a powerful alternative to treat and revitalize all skin types. Citrusway specializes in skin and nail issues. An at-home treatment experience with spa quality results!

Our mission is to integrate effective plant-based nail and skin products into the market for the ever-growing number of consumers searching for better-for-you alternatives. Our mission includes the intention to educate the consumer of the amazing machine that the human body is and how well it operates without the influence of chemicals. To partner with like minded distributors to bring the above plant based alternative to the 60% of the global population that suffers from nail and skin issues.​

Citrusway® was created out of the idea to bring safe & plant-based,nail and skin products for bacteria, mold & fungus to its audience.
Diana Ramsay
Founder of Citrusway

Infused with effective nourishing ingredients

A plant based alternative for skin care & treatments

Suitable for all skin types
100% Vegan
Leaping Bunny Approved
A premium plant-based product experience
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